LandGlass Received the Certification Awarded by the State Intellectual Property Management System 
06.11.2015 views:2595

Recently, LandGlass received the Certificate of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards (GB/T29490-2013) awarded by Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co. Ltd for successfully passing the Certification of the State Intellectual Property Management System. The approval indicates that LandGlass has secured a leading position in domestic industrial sector for its achievement in creating, utilizing, managing and protecting intellectual properties. Its system certification work has gone ahead of dozens of other National IPR Model Enterprises in Henan Province pilot program. 

The Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards implemented on March 1, 2013 is China's first national standard for enterprise IP management. Through process method and PDCA cycle, the standard is designed to assist businesses in establishing scientific, systematic IP management, shaping up an IP management system throughout the production and business operation. It intends to strengthen the competitiveness and the sustainable development of the enterprises while providing access, maintenance, utilization and effective protection to intellectual properties. 

As one of the first batch IPR Model Enterprises in Henan Province, LandGlass pays great attention to intellectual management. Under the guidance of experts, by providing company-wide staff training, establishing sound mechanism, policies and management system, it has enhanced its IP management in all aspects including R&D, purchasing, production, sales, imports and exports, as well as its working process. A procedural, institutionalized, standardized, and systematic IP management system has been successfully constructed and is now up running. The certification will improve further the quality in LandGlass’ IP management, effectively strengthen its capacity for innovation and market competitiveness, and promote the sustainable development of the company.