LandGlass Attended Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass Industry Conference
28.11.2016 views:2740

On November 18, 2016, China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association held a conference in Beijing, discussing the association standards of “Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass” and industrial standards of “Test Method for Heat Transfer Coefficient of Vacuum Insulated Glass”. Mr. Hui Li, the Deputy Secretary General of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, along with members of standing committee of Vacuum Insulated Glass association, members of Vacuum Insulated Glass expert team, drafters of the standards, invited representatives, and secretariat staff of the professional committee attended the conference. Director Li of the company also attended the conference on behalf of LandGlass.

Under the presidency of Mr. Guodong Liu, the Deputy Director of the Secretariat of the Vacuum Insulated Glass Professional Committee, experts and representatives carried on detailed interpretation and discussion over the two standards, sharing their views and opinions in this regard. Finally, Deputy Secretary General Li concluded the conference with a meeting summary, urging on modification and improvement of the drafts of the two standards after the conference while calling for detailed sample requirements on verification test in order to complete the validation report required in the process of substantiating and perfecting the two standards.

Vacuum Insulated Glass is a high-end product in the glass industry. Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass, as a newly developed safety glass with energy efficient features, has now received growing recognition of the market. As one of the world leaders in tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass manufacturing, LandGlass will unstintingly support the cooperation and communication with industrial experts and is committed to making its contribution to the development of tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass in China and worldwide, as well as promoting energy conservation and environmental protection !