Mr. Changyong Bao, Mayor of Luoyang Visiting LandGlass for Field Research
01.07.2016 views:2521

On June 29, 2016, Changyong Bao, Mayor of Luoyang City, Changshan Ren, Director of Technology Bureau, Desheng Liu, Chief of Luolong District and their associates visited LandGlass to conduct a field research.

Accompanied by Youcheng Zhu, deputy general manager of LandGlass, Mayor Bao, Director Ren, and Chief Liu toured LandGlass’ glass tempering furnace manufacturing base in Luolong District. Deputy general manager Zhu introduced the recent development in R&D, products, and marketing and the achievements of LandGlass in science and technology fields. Learning that LandGlass has filed several hundreds of patent applications and among the patent applications submitted through PCT, over a dozen of them have already been approved in U.S., Germany, and Australia, moreover, the company won the Chinese patent gold award – an award representing the highest honor to technological innovation achievement in China, for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013, Mayor Bao praised that LandGlass, as one of the leading small and medium-sized companies in science and technology innovation fields, has run ahead of many others in terms of technological innovation, new product development and commercialization of R&D achievements. LandGlass has set a good example in technological innovation for many other enterprises.

After the visit, Mayor Bao stressed the importance of continuing investment in technology innovation and product development, and commercializing research and development to strengthen the core competitiveness for an innovation-driven enterprise. He also promised that the related departments would create favorable conditions for innovative enterprises by intensifying the efforts to help the enterprises overcoming any issues and problems they might encounter in the process of business development.