Exchange on the Strategic Cooperation between LandGlass and SIEMENS
05.12.2014 views:2725

“LandGlass’s strict requirements of product quality and its leading position in the field of glass toughening lay the foundations for our long-term cooperation with SIEMENS, and also for LandGlass’s rapid growth and our leading position in the world.” said Zhao Yan, LandGlass’s Chairman and General Manager, in the exchange meeting with SIEMENS. 

On November 20th, 2014, a group of five led by Lin Bin, the Executive Vice President of Siemens Ltd., China and the General Manager of its Process Industries and Drives Group, and Mr. Nong Keqiang, the Executive Vice President of SIEMENS and the General Manager in the Central China Region of SIEMENS Sale Group, visited LandGlass’s manufacturing plant and made a deep exchange on further cooperation between the two parities. 

During this exchange, the two parties have reached some agreements on many issues. In the aspect of products, SIEMENS will continue to provide LandGlass with the state-of-the-art electrical control systems and technical solutions in the future. Through its cooperation with SIEMENS, LandGlass will constantly launch more products with advanced technologies and excellent quality. In addition, about how to assist LandGlass in realizing the global after-sales service, General Manager Lin of SIEMENS said that, as a multinational company, SIEMENS will use its own global service platform to provide prompt and more convenient after-sales service for LandGlass’s users all over the world. The cooperation between LandGlass and SIEMENS is certainly not limited to the product field. As one of the world’s top 100 enterprises, SIEMENS is very experienced in management, where LandGlass has learned a lot for its development. Therefore, the two parties have also agreed that SIEMENS will send experts from SIEMENS Management College specially to LandGlass each year to exchange and share SIEMENS’s management experience and make relevant trainings according to LandGlass’s needs. At the end of the exchange, General Manager Lin of SIEMENS emphasized that this activity promoted the cooperation between the two parties, and that SIEMENS has recently devoted to realizing the dream of Industry 4.0, and LandGlass is exactly its ideal strategic partner in the field of industry. In the future, SIEMENS will bring advanced digital manufacturing technologies to LandGlass to help it become the model of “Digital Enterprises”. And the two parties will deepen their cooperation to jointly enter the Industry 4.0 Era, leading the future development of the industry.