Provincial Officers Visited LandGlass for Research
02.12.2014 views:2793

Accompanied by Zhang Xiaofei, Section Chief of Bureau of Industry and Information of Luolong District, Chen Fugang and Li Tao, respectively Deputy Director General and Deputy Inspector of Department of Industry Information Technology of Henan Province (“DIITHP”) and some other DIITHP staff visited LandGlass for research on 18 November to learn about the current operation and production activities of LandGlass. 

Accompanied by Zhu Youcheng, Deputy General Manager of LandGlass, Chen Fugang et al visited the production & manufacture base of LandGlass in Luolong District. Zhu Youcheng gave a detailed introduction to LandGlass’s current R&D on equipment, production and sales at home and abroad during the visit. After understanding LandGlass’s achievements on technical R&D and products export, Chen Fugang commented that LandGlass, as a private enterprise, who took the initiative and made remarkable accomplishments during the production and operation, is well worth leaning.