Service Boosts Corporate Development
01.12.2014 views:2572

With the new round of western development after 2012, Guizhou has seen new economic development. This has promoted the upgrading of the glass processing industry and a lot of equipment in this region. In this context, LandGlass' high-end forced convection tempering equipment has become the mainstream tempering equipment in this region with its outstanding performance. With the upgrading of equipment, enterprises have grown rapidly and entrepreneurs expected to learn more about the equipment.

Thus, coordinated by the newly-established Guizhou Glass Chamber of Commerce (GGCC), LandGlass’ marketing & after-sales service team held the technical seminar in Guiyang on October 10, 2014 to share their knowledge with the  tempered glass manufacturers in Guizhou. The seminar was aimed to maximize equipment efficiency through follow-up professional services to promote the further development of enterprises. 

At the seminar, Chairman Zhu of GGCC delivered a speech. On behalf of GGCC, he extended sincere thanks to LandGlass for its training service in Guizhou; he expected Guizhou's glass processors to seize the opportunity to enhance enterprises' skills in equipment operation, maintenance and site management, and comprehensively improve enterprises' management level and benefit, so as to bring Guizhou's glass processing level to a new stage. Following a brief welcome ceremony, LandGlass' three experts exchanged ideas with the attendees in such aspects as product site management, equipment troubleshooting and maintenance, and operation process setup, and made elaborate explanations to the attendees in regard to their greatest concerns and most-asked questions. 20141201-3Following the seminar, LandGlass' experts led the attendees to Longfa Glass in Guiyang, explained equipment knowledge more intuitively and answered their greatest concerns, including how to maximize the outstanding performance of LandGlass' forced convection tempering equipment through rational control and maintenance so as to further reduce cost, extend the lifespan of equipment and optimize production. Also, the experts gave field instructions in regard to operators’ deficiencies in equipment use and maintenance. At the end of the activity, the attendees said they have got more advanced equipment control processes and maintenance knowledge, and learned how to take full advantage of LandGlass' forced convection equipment through rational control. Many entrepreneurs said the information is scarce for the glass industry in Guizhou which is located on the southwestern border and is very important for corporate development. They highly appreciated the seminar held by LandGlass and expected to participate in more seminars in the future.