Technology Innovation – Never Stop Exploring
11.04.2016 views:2748

“China Building Materials” just announced the winners of the 4th “Top Ten Influential Figures in Building Materials Industry Innovation” award. Mr. Yan Zhao, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of LandGlass won the award for his prominent contribution to the promotion of enterprise’s innovation and technology advance in building materials. Science and technology innovation has always been the driving force in the continuous development of building materials industry. Since the magazine started the “Top Ten Influential Figures in Building Materials Industry Innovation” award in 2010, all winners are either the outstanding representatives of science and technology professionals or the science and technology enterprises’ leaders.

As the founder of LandGlass and the inventor of LandGlass’ key technologies, Mr. Yan Zhao led the development of the World’s first flat and bent bi-directional glass tempering production line, and successfully launched the forced JetConvection heating technology, a revolutionary technology in glass tempering industry. The JetConvection tempering technology, continuous tempering technology, combined tempering technology and gas heating tempering technology development he chaired represent the World’s leading technologies in the field.

In 2014, LandGlass introduced the high end variable curvature tempering furnace and overcame the technical difficulties in mass production of variable curvature glass; in 2015, LandGlass launched the CycloneTM series JetConvection Glass Tempering Furnace. Built on eight major proprietary technologies developed by LandGlass, CycloneTM series successfully upgraded JetConvection heating technology across the board. Meanwhile, one after another, the R&D team led by Mr. Zhao launched vacuum suction technology, variable curvature tempering technology, and glass for concentrated solar system in recent years. These achievements promote further the industrial technology progress while forging a solid foundation for the future development of LandGlass. By the end of 2015, LandGlass has taken ownership of several hundred patents, of which a few dozen are foreign patents.  Self-developed patents such as appearance patent in “flat and bent bi-directional glass tempering furnace" and "JetConvection glass tempering furnace" have successively won the China's Gold Patent Award. In years 2014 and 2015, under the leadership of Mr. Yan Zhao, LandGlass has also been honored the “Internationally Renowned Trademark in Henan”, “China’s Most Innovative Glass Enterprise”, “Council Member of the China’s Technology Innovation Association”, “Henan’s Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise”, and "National Intellectual Property Advanced Enterprise”. The honor recognizes not only Mr. Zhao’s contributions in the industry of glass processing; it also acknowledges the innovation value every LandGlass’ staff member holds. In the upcoming years, LandGlass will continue its journey in innovative advancement, promote its brand concept of succeeding together with customers, and strive to be a world class innovative enterprise working for a brighter future!