The 2019 Annual Conference on Glass Science and Technology in China was Held at CAS Institute
08.11.2019 views:2346

Sponsored by the Glass Branch of the Chinese Silicate Society, Qilu University of Technology and the Institute of Industrial Technology and Information of Building Materials recently hosted the 2019 National Conference on Glass Science and Technology in Jinan, Shandong Province. More than 300 leaders, experts and scholars from societies, research institutes, universities and enterprises attended the annual meeting.

Innovation is the No. 1 driving force to lead the development. This annual conference of glass science and technology took “Enhance New Technologies through Innovation, Promote the Industrialization of Results, and Create New Win-win Era for Glass Industry” as the theme and invited many well-known experts and scholars in the industry to make special presentations at the conference to discuss the current industry technology frontier and the latest development trends, the advanced glass technologies in manufacturing, processing, innovative applications as well as the related supporting equipment and products. The annual conference also organized sub-sessions on the themes of “New Glass, New Theories, New Technologies, Glass Baking and Floating Glass Technology” and “New Glass Processing Technology”.

As a platform for technical cooperation and experience exchange that combines the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes, the National Conference on Glass Science and Technology upheld the high standard, high quality, and high level concept. By adhering to the strategic planning for the scientific and technological innovation and development of building materials industry set forth in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the conference presented the latest technologies and development trends in advanced manufacturing, processing and innovative applications in the glass industry.