German Scientists Develop Fluidic Smart Windows
09.03.2018 views:1541

Scientists from the Jena Friedrich Schiller University in Germany have presented a prototype of smart glass - LaWin that can block sunlight at different levels through iron particles in the liquid, collect thermal energy to heat the room, and control the lighting. The smart glass can be used in the façades of buildings.

In the past, most of the smart window systems are electrochromic. They change tint or opacity in response to electrical signals. This new system has similar applications but takes a completely different approach. To allow windows to carry liquid and heat, new glass materials are developed, into which large-area channel structures are integrated. These channels are used for circulating functional fluids. Depending on the number of the particles in the liquid, the liquid itself acquires different shades of grey, or turns completely black.

Although the manufacturing process will be more complex than other smart glass, researchers say that the technology should be scalable to standard sizes of window frames, including double and triple-glazing frames.