Indian Scientists Develop Low-cost Antifogging Glass Coating
26.08.2013 views:1652

India is a region suffering from severe humidity, and fogged air resulting from moisture condensation is a great challenge because it will block the field of view and even cause more serious damage during the monsoon season. Truck, human-power vehicle (HPV), and other traffic tools are in desperate need of this invention, particularly in poor weather conditions.

Antifogging glass coating is an invention of Dr. SwapanGhosh, who is a Polymer Scientist and the founder of Nova Surface Processing Center. Dr. SwapanGhosh said, "This coating takes on favorable optical and mechanical performance in both cold and hot environments (especially when the humidity reaches 99%). We have applied the hydrophilic polymer to diffuse the water drop evenly on the surface, and the coating is thin and transparent. As a consequence, the surface's optical performance of glass will not be changed."

Such a kind of coating applies to surfaces of the bathroom glass mirror, refrigerator door, windshield glass, glasses, goggles, camera lens, and other transparent glasses or plastic products. So far, this invention has been granted patent, and its market price is 2,000 rupees according to the estimation.