Schüeco Makes Public New-Type Super Heat-Insulating Glass
16.08.2013 views:1469

On the basis of its AWS aluminum alloy glass window products, Britain-based Schueco Company, through a series of experimental test, has developed a kind of new-type super heat-resisting glass product AWS 75.SI, which will revise the definition to the heat-resisting standard by virtue of its heat-resisting performance.

AWS75.SI product has a surface width of 111mm, and its profile material boasts heat transfer coefficient (Uf) of 1.3W/㎡•K. Particularly, its entire window' s transfer coefficient Uw even declines to 0.9W/㎡•K, which not only outperforms requirement of Britain 2013 No. L Document, but also makes AWS75.SI become the aluminum alloy window product with best heat-insulating performance in Britain.

To meet the building’s ventilation requirements, AWS75.SI is of different sizes. Its top-hung window has a size of 2m×2m, with maximum weight touching 130kg, and its side-hung window is up to 1.45m×1.9m, with maximum weight of 90kg and thickness range of 50mm~70mm. Aside from that, multi-point self-locking system ensures the product’s safe application in buildings.