US Scientists Developed New Glass with a Regular Molecular Pattern
09.11.2015 views:1361

Until recently, glass has always been considered to have a non-crystal, haphazard, and disorganized molecular structure. However, by accident, researchers from the University of Chicago have created a new type of glass with a regular molecular pattern. The research team claimed that they developed the glass by vaporizing organic molecules in a regulated vacuum environment.

Researchers said that it was discovered when they were observing through a spectroscopic ellipsometer and analyzing the interaction of a beam of laser light with the material. Unexpected molecular orientation appeared in the material. Based on the discovery, they created the new glass by depositing a vapor of organic molecules, layer by layer onto a surface.

The process is highly temperature dependent. The temperature has to be within the narrow range to successfully solidify the glass. Change of temperature will affect the molecule order. Further researches are needed as the change of the molecules will generate significant impact on the optical properties of the glass.

It is believed that the new glass will help the future development of solar cell, LED, optical fiber and many other products.