Symposium on Safety Glass Applications Held Successfully
27.10.2015 views:1395

Recently, in regards to safety glass applications, the Safety Glass Professional Committee of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association held a symposium in Wujiang. Leaders attended the meeting include: Deputy Secretary General of Glass Association Hui Li, Commissioner of Safety Glass Professional Committee Yi Yang, Commissioner of Insulating Glass Professional Committee Wuyi Xu, along with members of Standing Committee of Safety Glass Professional Committee, members of expert committee and other invited representatives totaling 36 attendants.

Deputy Secretary General Li affirmed the significant role that “Regulations on Architectural Safety Glass” jointly announced and implemented by four ministries in 2003 played in promoting industrial development and applications in construction. Experts attending the meeting were asked to strengthen the promotion of the products in application fields in accordance with current special situations. Glass Association promised to cooperate with the inspections and supervisions from the relevant government agencies over the applications of the safety glass. In response to Deputy Secretary General Li’s proposal, representatives also indicated that they would give full play to the role of the experts in resolving certain problems the industry currently facing.

Commissioner Yi Yang concluded the meeting with a summary report and called for active participation of the experts in activities outside of the industry in order to spread the words out and allow more safety glass applications in our lives.