“Carbon Neutral” Brings New Changes to the Supply Side of the Glass Industry
24.05.2021 views:2544

Glass industry: As a high energy consumption industry, “carbon neutral” is expected to bring total supply control and increase the share of advantageous enterprises. Based on 360 tons of CO2 emission per 10,000 loaded container, China’s flat glass was responsible for 34 million tons of CO2 emission in 2020, approximately 0.33% of the total national carbon emissions; although the total carbon emissions of glass is small, the glass processing is one of the energy-intensive industries. The carbon emissions of the glass industry mainly come from three aspects: fossil fuel combustion accounts for more than 60% of the carbon emissions from glass production, carbon dioxide from raw material decomposition or carbon oxidation accounts for 25%-27%, and electrical discharge accounts for about 13%. As far as the flat glass industry goes, emission reduction can be effectively achieved through supply compression and conversion of fuel to natural gas, where the “convert coal to natural gas” practice provides more room for improvement and depends heavily on environmental friendly policies for its success. It will end the “bad money drives out good” phenomenon in the industry and accelerate the evolution process, and allow industry consolidation to pick up the pace quickly.