Fuyao Glass: New Generation Connected Automotive Smart Glass
16.11.2021 views:2315

The new generation automotive smart glass recently developed by Fuyao Glass offers two solutions: the pre-installation RFID solution and pre-installation ETC solution.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a non-contact automatic identification technology that uses radio frequency communication, also known as electronic tags. A vehicle equipped with RFID electronic tags bears a unique code and identity on the windshield. Compared with traditional traffic management, this technology allows the relevant departments to identify vehicles easily and manage traffic more intelligently and effectively, providing apparent advantages.

Fuyao's pre-installation ETC ( Electronic Toll Collection )solution adopts the tamper-resistant antenna technology. With the ETC induction module embedded in laminated glass, it not only effectively plays the role of the glass antenna but also overcomes the signal shielding issue caused by the metallic coating on high-end glass. As an important part of smart traffic management, the technology can find applications in the many travel-related services such as freeway toll plazas, parking lots, and gas stations.

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