A Sweden Company is Developing a Solar Glass House
28.01.2015 views:1604

SolTech Energy, a Sweden energy company, has invented a kind of building materials of solar glass, which can effectively utilize illumination to generate heat indoors. It is reported in Digital Trend that SolTech Energy’s tiles for the solar glass house are different from the ordinary cement or asphalt roof, and they can let sunlight penetrates through them and then catch it with the black nylon fabric beneath for the energy transformation. In this way, warm and recycling air can be formed indoors, but this energy generation can only be achieved by the aid of the heating supply system in the house. The black nylon fabric beneath the tiles can not only absorb sunlight, but also obscure vision from outside.

In summer, the tiles of the glass house can convert the sunlight absorbed into the heating supply system for the floor fluid foundation to help cool the house. This kind of solar glass houses will soon come out, and if you don’t like the transparent roof, you can choose solar glass walls, whose technical principle is similar to that of the solar roof.

The building material of solar glass is developed by Oxford PV, a branch of Oxford University, which declares to change the world’s way of using solar energy. Oxford PV also installs some solar cells in the walls made of glass, and its development team say that they are going to enable the consumers of this glass building material to use the solar power technology supplied by them just by paying a small fee.

The glass panels used in the building walls can present various colors, among which blue is one of the colors with the lowest efficiency. The team of Oxford PV is going to commercialize this technology and make it be applied to almost all the buildings. If it proves that this new technology is relatively as cheap as the development team says and can make buildings more efficient in generating green energy, we will soon see the environmentally friendly and colorful glass buildings.