Corning has Developed Smart Glass that Can Detect DNA
15.08.2014 views:1633

Corning has recently developed together with Montreal Institute of Technology, Canada, a smart glass, which can analyze the liquid on the glass screen surface without using any external medical device, thereby detecting the physical condition and even the DNA of the user. Furthermore, this material can also monitor the gas content of the air.

By using a shortwave laser, this screen can integrate waveguide into the glass in the case of being invisible to naked eyes, and then create a "sensor" inside the glass through other tiny laser. The development team has currently created two kinds of sensors with the use of waveguide, one for real-time temperature measurement and the other for identity authentication. The temperature sensor may measure the temperature through touching the screen by the user, while the identify authentication system will first write a piece of code on the glass and then combine with infrared camera reading and facial recognition technology, thus authenticating the identity of the user. Waveguide technology can also be applied in more fields, e.g. it can analyze the liquid on the glass screen surface and even the DNA.

As people are increasingly concerned about their health, the wearable devices that can monitor human body data are emerging. However, this technology developed by Corning will be able to transfer the functions such as monitoring bacterial content in saliva or analyzing blood sugar levels onto the mobile phone screen without using any intelligent accessories, which is more convenient than wearable devices.