Workshop for Standards of Building Safety Glass Products Held in Beijing
31.12.2020 views:2287

Recently, the workshop for GB15763 building safety glass standards and mandatory national standards for building glass was held in Beijing. The leaders from the Glass Inspection and Certification Institute of China Building Material Test & Certification Group (CTC), the heads of the standard preparation teams, and the experts and representatives from 47 enterprises in the industry attended the meeting.

According to the “Second Batch of Recommended National Standard Plan Notice” issued by the Standardization Administration, CTC led the revision of the national building safety glass standards for fire-rated glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and homogeneous tempered glass, as well as the preparation of the mandatory national standards for the “Technical Safety Requirements of Building Glass.” The attending experts and representatives carried out a discussion on the GB 15763 Series Standards and Mandatory National Standards for Building Glass (Draft for Internal Comments among the Drafting Units) and put forward valuable comments and suggestions while giving full affirmation to the revision work.

As one of the major building safety glass production equipment providers, LandGlass has always attached great importance to the quality and standards of building safety glass. The tempered glass produced by the glass tempering furnace of LandGlass offers outstanding quality with enhanced performance far exceeding the national standards. Especially in the field of fire-rated glass, the high-strength single pane fire glass products made by dozens of manufacturers using LandGlass’ fire-rated glass tempering furnaces have all successfully passed the fire-resistance test performed by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials.