High Borosilicate Glass Anti-reflection Technology Reaches International Advanced Level
07.03.2014 views:1171

Recently, high borosilicate glass anti-reflection technology, independently developed by Solar Energy Heat Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center of Beijing (hereafter referred to as “the Center”) that was built by Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute Group Co., Ltd., has reached international advanced level.

The Center used the independently-developed high borosilicate glass sol-gel anti-reflection technology to produce obturator anti-reflective coating with complete compatibility of coating layer refractive index to base glass. Such a coating solves some difficult problems, such as low transmittance of acid-catalyzed sol-gel, fast attenuation, poor wear-resistance of base-catalyzed sol-gel, and mildew of coating layer due to hydrophilic interaction. Its advantages are high transmittance, firm coating layer, high strength, good weatherproofing and low cost. The transmittance, reflectivity and some other specifications of anti-reflective high-borosilicate-glass tubes made by plating are of international advanced level.

The Center is actively cooperating with several domestic famous manufacturers of solar vacuum tubes (e.g., Linuo Solar Energy Group, Tsinghua University, Viessmann Solar Energy Company and Nonferrous Metals Research Institute’s Energy Branch) in production, education and research, and strengthening collaborative innovation so as to boost the development of solar energy industry in China.