New Glass Material Developed by Russia Effectively Improves the Radiation Protection by Three Times
07.01.2021 views:2285

Recently, scientists from the Ural Federal University of Russia developed a new type of radiation protection glass which is three times more effective than the existing products. The results are published in the recent issue of the Journal of Materials Research and Technology.   

This glass is very different from the glass we use in our daily life. In addition to creating isolation in an environment, the glass has shown excellent shielding properties against many radioactive rays. As we all know, an increasing number of industrial researches are related to “nuclear”. Whether in laboratories, industrial facilities or scientific research centers, where the intensified radiation is much higher than that in the ordinary environment due to the radioactive related nature of the work. This radiation shielding glass can maximize the protection for the people working in such an environment and provide a safer workplace by blocking the radioactive elements. This product may also provide a good reference for possible bases built on other planets in the future. 

For the same purpose, various radiation protective materials will become the focus of many scientific researches. In addition to radiation protection glass, there will also be more types of radiation-resistant materials emerging in the coming days. Let us wait and see!