Analysis of Chinese Glass Tempering Furnace Manufacturing Industry in 2017
31.07.2017 views:1357

The Central Government calls for the revitalization of the real economy in 2017, explicitly requiring enterprises to remain committed to prioritizing quality improvement and core competitiveness while pursuing innovation driven development, expanding the supply of high quality products and services. As the main tasks of the supply-side structural reform, the focus is to adhere to the real economy, to revitalize manufacturing industries, and to improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing industries. The policy brings to the manufacturers of glass tempering furnace both opportunities and challenges. In China, the downstream customers of glass tempering furnace manufacturers primarily consist of tempered glass manufacturers of various sizes who target the fenestration industry as their core market. The performance of tempered glass manufacturers will have a direct impact on the overall sales of glass tempering furnace manufacturers. While the recent changes in domestic policies and market trends have brought great news to architectural glass industries, it also reveals the shortfalls commonly existing in domestic fenestration industry and suppliers such as lack of brand awareness, lack of flexibility in marketing channels and means, widespread homogenization of products, lack of innovation in product technology, and pseudo-innovation.

In this context, the rapid expansion of technology and innovation, along with the increasing demands for diversified and individualized products create tremendous competitive pressures on most glass tempering furnace manufacturing enterprises. The industry has encountered bottlenecks that make further development quite difficult.  There are three major problems the tempering furnace manufacturing industry is facing today: 1. How to build strong brands; 2. How to enhance product competitiveness, and 3. How to develop new markets. The top priority for the present and coming years for many enterprises is to find the way to break the market bottlenecks by taking the lead in industrial competition and dominating the market.

When competition becomes intense, various issues will emerge for certain.  Many may get involved in channel conflict.  Rising costs will drive down profits.  Increasing customer complaints will draw companies into satisfaction crisis. Facing these problems, companies should grow brand awareness by forging their own brands and enhancing brand recognition among consumers. In the meantime, they shall accelerate their technology innovation to improve the quality of products and services. They shall also safeguard their business through offering quality products along with services supported by refined management while making technology innovation the primary force to drive a rapid development.

Understanding the current status and future trends of the industry has great significance to glass tempering furnace manufacturers. In spite of the increasing competition and emerging problems, we remain convinced that: success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties.  Perseverance in overcoming adversity has contributed greatly to the success of many highly competitive enterprises and quality brands around the world.