Large-size Curved Infrared Glass Is Made in China for The First Time
17.08.2015 views:1295

China Building Materials Academy has recently developed the large-size curved infrared glass product and successfully applied the new product in the new shared aperture photodetection system.  China, for the first time, has the ability to manufacture large-size curved infrared glass domestically, a breakthrough in this field.

Infrared materials are the leading indicators of the development of IR technology.  The properties of the materials directly determine the accuracy and performance of the IR instruments. The application of IR technology has expanded from military related to security and surveillance, remote sensing survey, DAS, and other fields. Large-size curved infrared glass preparative technology is considered to be one of the most advanced technologies in IR industry. The difficulties in hydroxy purging, glass forming, and formation of large size curved products have held back the development and equipment of some new shared aperture photodetection systems.

During the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, by focusing on the in depth research and development of the full array of the process technologies, including IR glass’ ingredients, melting, forming, and surface coating technologies, the R&D team of China Building Materials Academy successively tackled the key technical problems in IR glass vacuum melting technology, glass ingredients engineering, large size curved glass formation, and bubble canopy coating.  The new products feature multi-spectral penetration, excellent light transmission and mechanical strength, simple manufacturing process, and low production costs.