PPG Industries Partners with Walker Glass to Debut Bird-Safe Glass with Low-E Coating(Architectural Glass and Functional Glass, Vol. 6)
21.08.2015 views:1473

PPG Industries recently announced that in a joint effort with Walker Glass Co., Ltd., they have successfully developed a new bird-friendly glass with high-performance solar control and low-emissivity coating.

There is a large number of birds get killed every year by colliding with glass because of its transparency, reflectivity, and other factors that can create the illusion of safe passage. Aviprotek is a technology based on the studies conducted by American Bird Conservancy to reduce bird collisions by eliminating their visual illusions.

Walker Glass with Aviprotek patterns can be manufactured with PPG’s Solarban 60 or Solarban 70XL Low-E architectural glass. Aviprotek patterns on the first surface of Solarban double-pane low-e windows are proven to reduce bird injury and mortality by providing contrasting patterns that birds can see while in flight.