Canadian New Discovery – Micro-Crack Technology Can Improve Glass Strength by 200 Times
16.10.2014 views:1394

Glass with cracks is breakable, as a common sense, which is deeply imprinted in people's minds. However, Canadian scientists proposed a new view that, if we use micro-cracks system to do directional damage to glass, this directional damage causes edge cracks close to each other, but would not further break glass.

Canadian scientists recently suggested that the micro crack system should be used to make glass strength increase by about 200 times. To test this conjecture, scientists first used laser system to punch holes of a few microns in diameter on ordinary glass, and fill holes with polyurethane. They said that cracks on ordinary glass can break glass, but this crack will produce the guiding role of micro-cracks, thereby enhancing the strength of glass up to about 200 times.

The researchers also pointed out that this directional damage makes the cracks edge close to each other, but would not further break glass. Scientists explained that this synthetic approach is similar to the composition of animal teeth and shells. In addition, although the micro-cracks on glass can be clearly seen, size of the cracks can be reduced.

In February 2013, physicist of Yale University has also built plastic theory of unbreakable soft glass, and explained that the mechanical properties of the material are determined by the cooling rate.