US Developed the Bio-Glass to Measure Human Pressure
27.10.2014 views:1709

Intelligent glass would be a trend in the future development of glass. Not long ago, Corning developed a smart glass that can detect DNA. Recently, the United States has also developed a bio-glass, which can detect human pressure with related equipment.

It is reported by technology website Ubergizmo that, at present, the application of smart glass is yet to be developed, but recently there have been breakthroughs. Georgia Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology co-developed a Bio-glass, which can measure people’s pressure value just with Android platform application and Google glasses.

Modern people live in an environment full of all kinds of pressure and face a variety of work and piles of files all day long, but few pay attention to their pressure and take appropriate ways to reduce pressure. In theory, as long as people wear the glasses made of this glass, people will be able to measure their pressure, and determine when they need a breakdown. The supporting application can capture subtle body movements based on accelerometer on Google glasses, gyroscopes and front camera, which calculates the wearer's heartbeat and breathing rate.