Thinnest Ultra-thin Sheet Glass Achieves Commercial Production at Home
22.05.2013 views:1763

At National Glass Science and Technology Annual Meeting 2013, currently thinnest 0.45 mm ultra-thin sheet glass at home successfully achieved commercialization in China Luoyang Float Glass Group CO., LTD. (CLFG) Longhai Company, with various technical indicators having reached international advanced level.

Since 2012, CLFG has been targeting high-end market of the industry, and launched technological transformation project for 650 tons of high-grade float glass production line and construction project for 600 tons of online low-e glass production line. The implementation of the two projects promoted optimization and upgrading of the glass products, making CLFG become the important ultra-thin float glass R&D and production base in China.

In the process of technological innovation, CLFG Longhai Company has created a record of continuously and stably producing 0.45 mm ultra-thin glass product for 58 hours, has made major breakthroughs in terms of float glass technology in multiple areas, achieving commercialization of the thinnest ultra-thin glass at home.