Corning Launched Antimicrobial Protection Glass
25.04.2014 views:1627

At CES 2014, Corning launched the antimicrobial protection glass - Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass, certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

It was introduced that the manufacturing formula of the antimicrobial glass included the ionized silver antibacterial agent which constituted part of the glass surface, and silver ions were implanted into the glass at a very high technical level, without influencing its mechanical, optical and dielectric properties, and could also inhibit the growth of algae, mucedine, fungus and bacteria continuously and effectively.

Although antimicrobial spray, antimicrobial sponge and antimicrobial film products, etc. are available in the market, Corning thinks these are just temporary solutions, and the new gorilla glass can provide a lasting and reliable antimicrobial function by implanting the stable silver ions into it.

At present, the "antimicrobial Corning gorilla glass" has been capable of being produced massively, and is under the tests by several manufacturers. It's very wide in application scope, and may be installed on various electronic devices, such as PCs, mobile phones, calculators, telephones, and other electronic display panels. In addition, such glass may also be applied to some industries or places with higher sanitary standard or large pedestrian volume, such as interior building surfaces in the health care, hotel and transportation industries.