Smart Window Made Its Debut
16.05.2014 views:1573

Smart window, designed by View Inc. in Silicon Valley for office space, can automatically adjust the color of the glass in public buildings according to the sunlight. This “dynamic” glass contains a thin layer thickness of one-fiftieth the width of the human hair in which nano technology is applied. As the sun intensifies it regulates an electric current that makes the ions in the glass shift positions so that the strong sunlight can be blocked out. In this way, the dilemma of choosing whether to close the shutters at the cost of blocking the view or to keep the shutters open to let the dazzling sunlight in is finally solved.

Before the advent of smart window, many companies had tried to use tinted glass in their buildings to solve the above mentioned dilemma. Unfortunately, it turned out that all their attempts ended in failure. The reason was that it was freaky when this technology is applied in mass production. Now it seems that View Inc. has mastered the technical know-how — at least according to the investors, such as Corning, GE and Khosia Ventures. Up to now, View Inc. has already raised more than 300 million of US dollars in which all the above mentioned companies are involved.

The CEO of View Inc., Rao Mulpuri, an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in material science from Boston University said "These windows not only make occupants happier but also save energy." although the use of the smart window that can tint by itself will increase the cost by 2% to 3%, Mulpuri believed that the money saved by the owner through the use of the smart window was more than enough to cover the cost. He claimed that the use of the new glass can trim the electric bill by 20% for cooling and also the money spent on shutters can be saved.

This smart window produced by the company's factory in Olive Branch, has been used by the organizations such as NASA, SAP Labs, San Francisco International Airport, The Marine Corps, and Hilton Hotels & Resorts.