Mandatory Certification Requirements for Glass Products in India
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In 2019, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India released the “Flat Transparent Sheet Glass (Quality Control) Order, 2019”, the “Transparent Float Glass (Quality Control) Order, 2019”, and the ”Safety Glass (Quality Control) Order, 2019”. On October 30, 2019 and January 7, 2020, the Ministry formally published the bulletin on its decision to impose ISI Marking requirements on glass products. Float glass, flat sheet glass, and safety glass are included in this mandatory certification list. The glass products involved, the standards, and the implementation dates are as follows: 

Serial No.

Standard No.

Standard Name

Applicable Product

Effective Date


IS 14900: 2018

Transparent Float Glass Standard

Float glass

6 months after 2019.10.30


IS 2553-1: 1990

Regular Safety Glass Standard

Regular tempered glass, regular laminated glass

180 days after 2010.1.7


IS 2553-2: 1992

Automobile Safety Glass Standard

Automobile windshield and side windows (tempered or insulating glass)

180 days after 2010.1.7


IS 2835: 1987

Transparent Flat Sheet Glass Standard

Flat sheet glass

180 days after 2010.1.7

In addition to the BIS certification, India also requires industrial glass products to receive ARAI’s approval. ARAI is the abbreviation of Automotive Research Association of India. All vehicles and auto parts subject to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) must apply for certification with accredited certification body of ARAI recognized by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India. The standards and products applicable to auto glass are shown in the following table: 


Standard No.

Automobile windshield

BIS certification IS:2553 & AIS:037CoP (TAC report)

Automobile windshield safety glass

BIS certification IS:2553 & AIS:037CoP (TAC report)

Automobile side door window glass

BIS certification IS:2553 & AIS:037CoP (TAC report)

Automobile rear window glass

BIS certification, tempered glass BIS certification IS:2553 & AIS:037CoP (TAC report)

Automobile rear view mirror

BIS certification AIS:001 & AIS:037CoP (TAC report)

India has issued official notification to include four types of glass products in the mandatory list in 2020. The certification of glass products is a part of India’s mandatory product certification scheme for “ISI” Marking.  Currently, 182 products are covered by the “ISI” marking certification scheme.  

ISI marking is a general type of certification in India. Compared to India’s CRS mandatory registration, the procedure is more complex. For those who apply for BIS ISI marking certification of their products for the first time, a standard process takes up to six months. A factory audit will be performed. The BIS certified products will bear the “ISI” Mark, indicating that such product meets Indian standard and the product specifications.