Guizhou requires all architectural-related installations taller than 50 meters to use safety glass
20.09.2020 views:2898

In order to further strengthen the use and management of building safety glass and reduce the occurrence of personal injuries and property damages, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Guizhou province recently issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of Building Safety Glass Applications”, stipulating that all levels of housing and the construction administrative units shall further enhance the supervision and management over the applications of building fenestration and curtain walls by including the application state in the design, installation, acceptance, and property management systems for thorough regulatory supervision throughout the entire process.


According to reports, building safety glass and building safety insulating glass must pass the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC certification) program as required by the national regulations. Products that have not been certified, have not renewed the certificate, or have no certification marks affixed shall not be used.


In addition to enforcing compliance with provisions stipulated in the document and technical standards, safety glass with shatter-resistant properties such as laminated glass, laminated insulating glass, coated insulating glass shall be used in the following environment. For example, fenestration in buildings taller than 50 meters; windows, doors, or floor-to-ceiling windows larger than 1.5 m2; glass wall curtains for places such as commercial centers, transportation hub, public sports and culture facilities where large crowds and heavy traffic are expected, located near roads or plazas, or with entrances, exits, and walkways at the lower section.


LandGlass has always attached great importance to the safety of glass for high-rise buildings and will take this opportunity to work with the local safety glass manufacturers for a “Safer Guizhou”. Currently, there are more than 30 glass tempering production lines made by LandGlass operating in Guizhou.