China’s First Borosilicate 4.0 Fire Resistant Glass Line Has Achieved Mass Production
02.09.2019 views:2284

Recently, the new science and technology achievement release and forum conference for China’s first borosilicate 4.0 fire resistant glass new material production line was held in Xingtai. Deng Suxue, Deputy Mayor of the Xingtai municipal government and Zhang Baiheng, the Executive Vice President of the China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

After 5-year endeavor, Hebei Fujing special Glass Technology Co., Ltd successfully developed the borosilicate 4.0 fire resistant glass, becoming the China’s first and the world’s second company that achieved mass production. The new material is in conformity with the high standard fire-resistant time of GB 15763.1 Type C fire-resistant glass with its superior fire-resistant time exceeding 3 hours; Ultra light in weight. 8% lighter than glass of the same size; High light transmittance. The light transmittance is higher than 90% for a 6mm pane; High strength; Excellent water and chemical resistance.

Xu Wuyi, the team leader of the expert panel announced the certification opinion. The product filled a scientific and technological gap in China with its performance indicators achieving the domestic advanced level. Among them, the fire-resistant indicator has reached the international advanced level, capable of substituting the imported products.