Huabo’s 5 Billion Yuan Electronic Glass Project is Now Up and Running
06.07.2021 views:2352

Huabo Optoelectronics was founded in Gaochun, Nanjing in December 2020 with the planned total investment amount of 5 billion yuan. The project is going to construct a production base that covers the entire industry supply chain from glass, touchscreen, module, full lamination, to the complete unit. 

Phase 1 construction of the Huabo project will include 22 world-class advanced production lines with more than 500 units of production equipment, offering an annual production capacity of 1.3 million large-size electronic glass sheets. It will be a photoelectric glass enterprise that provides a one-stop solution for the R&D and manufacturing of 3A screen protectors, touch screens, TP, full lamination, and complete units. Phase 1 is expected to have annual revenue of 1 billion yuan. 

The project started the renovation in March and was completed and put into operation in April. The company that made the “Huabo Speed” possible is the Huaxia Happiness Service Team. Oriented towards the growing needs of enterprises, their efficient industry supporting services helped Huabo electronic glass project in the successful implementation of policies, plant delivery, and other areas to ensure that enterprises can start operation in a timely manner.