Smart Auto Glass Market is to Grow by 1.8 Hundred Million Dollars during 2021-2025
09.08.2021 views:2361

Research indicates that the smart auto glass market is expected to grow by $181.82 million during 2021-2025 or a CAGR of about 8%.

As a result of consumer preferences, OEMs are increasingly adopting advanced passenger safety and comfort features. The continuous rise in road accidents around the world has led to the development and introduction of active vehicle safety systems.

More and more integrated solutions are being designed, such as windshield head-up display, automatic mirror adjustment system, and self-cleaning windows to avoid driver distractions. Other technologies, such as auto dimming glass and heated windshields, improve passenger comfort. Heated windshields can remove fog and ice from the surface of the glass.

While the increased demand for safety and comfort of vehicles leads to the adoption of these advanced solutions, it will also boost the needs for advanced technologies such as smart auto glass. The growing emphasis on vehicle efficiency will have a positive impact on the market during the forecast period.

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