The Fourth Session of the International Winter Camp Held at Wuhan University of Technology
26.11.2018 views:1716

Recently, the 4th session of the International Winter Camp (Seminar for new researchers in the glass science and technology field) initiated by the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and hosted by the China Silicate Association, Wuhan University of Technology and China Triumph International Engineering Co.,Ltd. was held at Wuhan University of Technology. 

The seminar invited seventeen world-renowned experts in the field of glass and nuclear waste immobilization including the president of ICG, Professor Alicia Duran Carrera, former president of ICG, Professor Manoj Choudhary, and professors from Aalborg University of Denmark and Wuhan University of Technology as the lecturers of the session. The seminar set two workshops at the venue focusing on Basic Science of Glass and nuclear waste immobilization respectively, conducted in the forms of expert lecturing, trainee communication, and group discussion. Upon the completion of the group projects, results are reported to and reviewed by the experts. Outstanding trainees are then selected and awarded with certificates. ICG is a large international academic organization in the field of glass science and technology. 

The ICG Winter Camp is the academic event initiated by ICG in the public interest aiming to enhance the understanding of glass science and technology among new researchers and to promote talents for the future development of global glass industry.