Symposium for Industrial Standards of “Architectural Anti-Reflective Coated Glass” Held in Tianjin
11.09.2017 views:1592

Recently, China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association held the first symposium on the industrial standards of “Architectural Anti-Reflective Coated Glass” in Tianjin. The meeting was attended by Executive Vice President of the association Baiheng Zhang, leaders and committee members of Insulated Glass Professional Committee, Coated Glass Professional Committee, as well as members from the expert group and the standard drafter.

As Executive Vice President Baiheng Zhang said, the standards have high degree of requirements and difficulties. While there are many complaints in the society of today regarding pollutions from glass reflection, the current local policies in the nation are insufficient to serve as the unified standards.  Provided that the standards can successfully take shape this time, it will be conducive to the promotion of anti-reflective coated glass applications in the future.  Although the standard-setting is a tough job, it can definitely be accomplished through the joint efforts of our industrial experts.

The standard drafter, Mr. Zeng Yubin from CSG Group explained the discussion paper for industrial standards of “Architectural Anti-Reflective Coated Glass” sentence for sentence, followed by comments and suggestions from participating experts and invited representatives.