Korean Researchers Invented Multi-purpose Nanocoating Antimicrobial Spray
08.09.2017 views:1695

Korean researchers have invented easy-to-use nanocoating antimicrobial spray using plant-derived polyphenol. The spray can rapidly form a protective layer on any surface, ideal for medical glassware and foods.

Nanocoating antimicrobial technology is one of the cutting-edge technologies in the food and agricultural industry. However, there are still technical limitations to have a non-toxic, stable and durable coating. Currently, the conventional immersion coating methods dip the substrates in nanocoating solutions. The process is troublesome and not suitable for products in large quantities.

The new coating method developed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology can be applied to surfaces of various materials, creating an antibacterial nanometer-thick film safe to human. Lab results indicate that the technology is able to coat a variety of different materials including glass, metals, plastics, as well as textile fabrics.