Ultra-thin Flexible Glass for OLED Products
26.06.2017 views:1722

KONFECT, a German collaborative research project developed a 25 microns thick flexible glass that can be used as the substrate for organic electronics and solar panels, as well as for the further development of future generations of OLED applications.

The thickness of ultra-thin glass can be up to 150um, and it is produced in a factory located in Schott, Germany, using a direct thermoforming process, in which the molten glass extends through the nozzle to the desired thickness of Grunenplan. The key point is that the glass can be produced in a low cost volume to volume (R2R) process. At present, the process is being further developed and is expected to be optimized before the middle of 2018. Tape manufacturer TESA is a special adhesive and functional layer for the glass to the final lamination step to provide comprehensive protection.

The researchers said that the use of flexible glass substrate can be in the optical quality, temperature stability, chemical consistency, gas density and mechanical resistance and a series of benefits. It can also be used as a substrate for low cost solar cells.