AGC Released Two New LED-embedded Glass Products
17.04.2016 views:1344

AGC Group just announced recently that its LED glass series, “Glassiled” will soon release two new products --- Glassiled Motion and Glassiled Smart.

Glassiled Motion incorporates individually controlled, monochrome or RGB LEDs within a double glazing unit. When night falls, the glass wall can immediately transform into a giant display screen, a visual medium capable of faithfully displaying any animated design. In addition, Glassiled Motion has excellent energy-efficient performance with visibility at a distance of 3km. Since the wiring is invisible, Glassiled Motin retains 99% of its transpanrency. The electronic components are protected from moisture and atmospheric deterioration by the double glazing, which also provides outstanding thermal insulation.

Glassiled Smart delivers the similar functionalities as Glassiled Motion, but has been specially designed for renovation projects. It can add a luminous touch to an existing building whose general architecture and original window frames must be kept.