Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry Successfully Developed 0.15mm Electronic Glass
21.06.2016 views:1761

Recently, through the glass production line with electronic information display developed with their independent innovative technologies and complete set of equipment, Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry successfully produced 0.15mm ultra-thin float electronic glass. The 0.15mm glass broke the 0.2mm domestic electronic glass thickness limit record the institute set last year, refreshing once more the production records in Chinese ultra-thin electronic glass history by leaping from “super-thin" to "extremely-thin".  The achievement has made the Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry the only domestic enterprise that has full range of ultra-thin float glass products from 0.15mm to 1.1mm.

The successful development of 0.15mm ultra-thin electronic glass has great significance to the restructure and upgrade of glass production sector within China National Building Materials Group, and profound influence to Chinese electronic information industry in their endeavor to catch up with the world level. It is a milestone achievement in Chinese glass industry, indicating its transition from "catch up" mode in the past to "lead" mode today while enhancing our influence and voice on international stage.