SolarWindow launches 0.1mm-thin flexible glass that generates electricity
28.12.2016 views:1279

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of transparent electricity-generating coatings for glass windows on tall towers and skyscrapers, and flexible veneers, today announced that it is expanding product development to include applying its electricity-generating coatings onto flexible glass – as thin as a business card (only 0.1-millimeter-thick) – that is flexible enough to be bent without breaking or cracking.

The company estimates that the world’s first transparent, electricity-generating flexible glass conservatively represents a $25 billion market. Integrating transparent SolarWindow coatings with flexible glass creates new product opportunities for curved and non-flat surfaces in automotive, aircraft, and military applications.

“Flexible glass could play a big role in window, canopy, smart building, and other building and transportation products. We believe that flexible glass can serve an even more valuable purpose by generating electricity using SolarWindow coatings,” said John A. Conklin, President and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. When applied to a 50-story building, SolarWindow coatings achieve a one-year financial payback and generate 50-times greater energy than conventional rooftop solar, according to independently-validated engineering calculations.