American Company Developed Low-E Glass Used in Cold Climate
10.06.2014 views:1586

According to reports, Guardian Industries launched a new product, Sun Guard Neutral low-emissivity glass mainly for commercial use in the cold climate at the conference of American Institute of Architects recently.

Sun Guard Neutral is a perfect supplement to the glass variety, and is coated with a Sun Guard special coating, which may achieve solar light and heat transfer. The glass is transparent and colorless. In other words, since it's transparent, the sunlight may penetrate through the room, and the indoor heat and solar heat are reflected to the room, which contributes to the project development in the cold region.

The product is optimal in the cold region as it may allow solar heat to pass. Representatives of the company are very happy to be capable of providing such method for architects and designers to solve the problems in the northern regions of America and Canada.

Such glass may be applied to single-layer or three-layer windows perfectly, and combined with high-performance low-emissivity glass. If the windows use Sun Guard Neutral in the cold region, the solar energy may exert a better effect, thus such glass may possibly be popular in heavy weather regions such as Russia.