Jingniu Introduces the World’s First 2 mm Ultrathin Fireproof Microcrystal Vision Glass
26.05.2015 views:1232

China’s innovative and the world’s leading 2mm ultrathin aerospace glass ceramics debut was unveiled at the China’s Third Marine Equipment Expo. In addition to the characteristics that aerospace microcrystal float glass possesses, the 2mm fireproof microcrystal clear glass has better transmittance and diathermancy.

The fireproof aerospace glass ceramics is a new Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 inorganic nonmetal nano-material that offers non-deformation against 1000℃ high temperature and anti-burst feature against -100℃ low temperature. The special features it possesses include non-electrical conductivity, non-thermal conductivity, outstanding magnetic permeability, excellent infrared transparency on the heat, low thermal expansion, and effective UV blocking. This energy efficient green product is essential to the development of aerospace, military electronics, thermodynamic instruments, industrial furnaces, and stage lighting. It has been the focus of research by many developed countries where they seek for a breakthrough.

The successful development of 2mm aerospace glass ceramics has opened up a new world of possibilities for applications in the areas of aerospace, military electronics, thermodynamic instruments, observation well for high temperature furnaces, heat resistant camera lens, medical UV shield, and solar panels for aerospace applications. Following creation of the world’s first microcrystal float glass production line in September of 2008 and compiling for the nation the industrial standard for “Glass-Ceramics with Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient” (i.e. aerospace glass ceramics) in July of 2013, this is the third milestone achieved by the Jingniu team, promoting China’s innovation in cutting edge aerospace technology forward to a new height.