Adjusting the Photoelectric Switch on a Glass Tempering Furnace
20.06.2023 views:1064

The photoelectric switch in a glass tempering furnace plays a critical role in the glass tempering process. Proper adjustment of this switch is essential for optimal performance. The process involves the use of a glass piece of size 400mm x 50mm x 4mm and observation of the signals emitted by the light-emitting diode (LED) on the photoelectric switch's receiver.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make these adjustments:

Align the receiver with the emitter: Adjust the position of the bracket of the photoelectric switch, aligning the receiver of the switch with the emitter.

Operation Test: Connect the photoelectric switch to a 24V power source, and then proceed with a glass test. Without any glass or obstacle between the emitter and receiver of the photoelectric switch, both red and green lights on the receiver should illuminate. In contrast, when glass or an obstacle is placed between the emitter and receiver, only the green light should stay on while the red light turns off. These conditions confirm the proper functioning of the photoelectric switch.

Adjustment for Control Requirements: Place the glass anywhere between the emitter and receiver of the photoelectric switch. Make necessary adjustments so that the emitted signals align with the operational control requirements of the glass tempering machine.

Sensitivity Tuning: During the debugging process, if the signal stability of the photoelectric switch is inconsistent, it can be improved by adjusting the photoelectric switch's sensitivity control knob.