Key Considerations for Using SO2 Gas in The Glass Tempering Furnace
16.11.2023 views:379

1. The role of SO2 gas is to act on the surface of the ceramic roller, forming a protective film layer to ensure the smooth running of the glass on the roller.

2. During the glass tempering process, when the glass shows slight scratches and friction, SO2 gas can be appropriately used, but SO2 gas has a certain corrosive effect on the heating element inside the glass tempering furnace, so its use should be limited.

3. When the scratches and friction are more severe, consider stopping production and cleaning the ceramic roller inside the glass tempering machine. In this case, do not use an excessive amount of SO2 gas.

4. After cleaning the glass tempering furnace, when it reaches the tempering temperature and begins to process glass, inject SO2 gas to lubricate the roller.

5. In the above uses, generally, SO2 gas should be injected for about 10-15 minutes, the flow rate should be 1-4 cubic centimeters/minute, the maximum should not exceed 7 cubic centimeters/minute, and the pressure should be controlled at about 50kPa.