About the tempering blowers, what do you need to pay attention to during the tempering furnace operation?
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1. Preparation and inspection before operation:

Close the air inlet damper of the tempering blower and slightly open the air outlet damper. Check the clearance of each part of blower to see if there is collision or friction between the rotary parts and fixed parts; check if the electrical devices are intact to prevent electric shock;

Check if the safety devices are reliable; check the fan blades for dirt and dust as well as wear and tear. 

2. Operation management:

After the tempering blower starts and reaches the normal rpm, check if the bearing temperature is normal during operation. The temperature rise of the tempering blower bearing shall not be higher than 40℃. If the temperature of the blower bearing rise rapidly, shut off immediately. Check if the bolts connecting the blower housing, bearing seat and holder, bearing seat and cover are loose; Check if the shaft of the tempering blower and the shaft of motor are concentric. Check if the blades have friction with the housing; check if the blower base is firmly anchored and if the fan blades are loose or deformed, causing the blower shaking and bumping violently; check if the bearings of the tempering blower and other lubrication points are properly lubricated and the lubrication functions normally.  Check whether the blower motor experiences overcurrent or overheat.