What is the main component of the cooling section in the glass tempering furnace? What does the cooling section do?
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The cooling section of the glass tempering furnace includes the overall welded machine frame, an integrated cooling system consisting of the upper and lower chillers and small air box, independent automatic adjustment mechanism for the upper and lower chillers, a drive mechanism consisting of a VFD motor and reduction gear and roller wrapped with kevlar ropes with a wide spacing distance.

The basic function of the cooling section of the glass tempering furnace: Complete the thorough cooling of tempered glass and control the related actions (e.g. cooling swing, rolling out of the chiller, etc.).

The rollers in the cooling section are wrapped with heat resistant kevlar ropes. The chiller and the distribution box in the air system are connected with flexible connectors. The drive mechanism is equipped with an encoder to detect the moving speed and direction of the glass as well as the length of the glass sheet. At the end of the glass tempering, the glass is transferred from the tempering section to the set position of the cooling section to complete the tempering process. The glass sheet will swing back and forth in the cooling section until reaching the set cooling time. The cooling process is then completed and followed by rolling out of the chiller. The drives in the cooling section and the unloading section will act synchronously to convey the glass sheet to the set position in the unloading section to be picked up.