Heating Time Standards for Glass Tempering Furnaces
26.03.2024 views:190

1. Regarding the heating time of the glass tempering machine, we have strict standards. When the glass tempering machine is operating normally, the tempering furnace must reach its rated working temperature within no more than 5 hours from the start of heating. This is to ensure that the glass tempering machine can operate efficiently and stably while also avoiding excessively long waiting periods.

2. It is important to note that under certain special circumstances, the heating time may vary. For example, when the glass tempering furnace is used for its initial firing operation, or when the glass tempering machine is restarted after being shut down for a week, a longer time is required to stabilize the temperature. Therefore, in these two scenarios, the time from when the tempering machine is started and heated up to its rated working temperature should not be less than 12 hours.