How to Properly Shut Down a Glass Tempering Furnace?
20.02.2024 views:339

Properly shutting down a glass tempering furnace involves a series of steps to ensure the furnace cools down safely and to prevent potential damage. Here are the specific operational recommendations:

1. Short-term Production Stop:

If production is planned to pause for a short period, the temperature switch can be activated via the glass tempering furnace's control interface. Depending on the expected downtime, set an appropriate insulation temperature for the furnace. At this point, the control system will automatically adjust the furnace temperature to a lower state.

2. Long-term Production Stop:

2.1 If a long-term production stop is planned, first set the heating temperatures of the upper and lower parts of the glass tempering machine to 0°C.

2.2 Disconnect the heating switch in the control interface, and turn off the heating switch of the control cabinet, allowing the furnace to cool down naturally.

2.3 Keep an eye on the temperature changes in the furnace. Only when the furnace temperature drops below 300°C can the main drive's rotation be stopped. This prevents deformation of the ceramic rollers at high temperatures.

2.4 After stopping the main drive, shut down the industrial computer, and then sequentially disconnect the sub-circuit power supply and the control system power supply of the glass tempering furnace.

2.5 The blower system can be turned off at any time when not needed to reduce energy consumption.