Impacts of Improper Temperature Settings in Glass Tempering Furnaces
17.01.2024 views:394

If the temperature setting of the glass tempering furnace is improper during the glass processing, it may cause the following impacts:

1. When the glass first enters the heating furnace, it heats up very quickly due to the significant temperature difference between the glass and the furnace. As the temperature of the glass approaches that of the furnace, the rate of heating slows down. When the temperature difference between the inner and outer layers of the glass approaches zero, the rate of heat transfer also slows down significantly.

2.When the set temperature of the tempering furnace is too high, the temperature of the glass inside the furnace exceeds the softening point of the glass, causing the glass to deform easily. This severely affects the surface quality of the tempered glass.

3.When the set temperature of the glass tempering furnace is too low, the heating temperature of the glass is insufficient. The inner layer of the glass cannot be adequately heated in the same amount of time, and its residual stress cannot be fully relaxed. This will affect the redistribution of stress after cooling, leading to the glass being more prone to breakage during rapid cooling. Additionally, the various tempered properties of the glass, especially the fragments fail to meet the standard.