Several possible reasons for the white haze on the surface of the tempered glass
13.11.2020 views:1653

1.The rollers leveling of the tempering furnace is not properly adjusted. Check the rollers leveling; 
2. The rollers are not synchronous or have excessive radial runout. Check the state of the drive system and radial runout of rollers; 
3. The setting for the pressure of the heating balance system is too low. Increase it to an appropriate level and keep the heating balance on for a longer time; 
4. The heating temperature of the bottom section of the glass tempering furnace is too high. Adjust the heating temperature in the bottom section of the glass tempering furnace to a level appropriate for the heating requirement of the tempered glass;
5. The oscillating speed of glass is too high. Reduce the oscillating speed of glass in the tempering furnace by setting a reasonable oscillating parameter.
Attention: The reasons and corresponding solutions listed above are only for your reference. Please consult the service department for further suggestions.